Compost Lab

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Building a Compost Lab

Darius Dixon
Biology 5TH Period


Composting is nature’s way of recycling and is the key to healthy soil and a healthy environment. Composting is a cost- efficient way of getting rich natural soil for a very cheap price. There are numerous types of compost bins available to make; each enable the growth of lawns and gardens. A compost pile is usually made from fruit and vegetable scraps, newspaper and grass clippings, worms (that act as decomposers), and leaves.


According to the concept of composting it is more than likely that rich filled nutrient soil will be produced from the worm compost bin at the end of a twenty day period. Rich soil that one buys at the store will be the same as a cost efficient, home- made worm bin.


1Clear Plastic 2-liter Bottle
2Lawn Fertilizer containing nitrogen
5Thumb Tack
62 or three Worms
7Non-Sterile Garden Soil
9Organic Waste
10Large Spoon


A.) Use scissors to cut off the top of the bottle.
B.) Use a nail to punch 50-60 small holes around the bottle. C.) Begin compost pile by alternating layers of non-sterile garden soil, organic material, lawn fertilizer, and water. D.) Place thermometer into the middle of the pile.

E.) Place compost pile in an accessible place away from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. F.) Check the moisture level of the compost pile every two days, and add water as needed. G.) Once a week gently turn and aerate compost with a large spoon. H.) Observe compost and collect data.

Compost Pile at Home Window

Age of Compost PileTemp.(F)
Start compost
5/18N/AOdorlessRough and dampNo change
Day 2
57OdorlessRough and dampNo change. Add fertilizer and more dirt. Day 4
5/2258Citrus smellClumpy and dryWorms die due to too much fertilizer. Get more worms next day Day 6
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