Persuasive Speech on Recycling

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Waste Pages: 3 (541 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Persuasive Speech

Topic: Recycle
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to recycle.
Thesis: Everyone must make a stronger effort to recycle because it is beneficial in so many ways!

I. Introduction
A. Everyone should try to help better the world we live in! B. We can do this by recycling. (story) I never recycled until I had an English teacher who educated my class about recycling. C. Everyone must make a stronger effort to recycle because it is beneficial in so many ways!

D. The reasons are:
1. Recycling benefits the environment
2. Recycling benefits the people and wild life
3. How to recycle in three steps
II. Body
A. Recycling helps the environment in so many ways!
1. John and Amy Howard, founders of Carrot Ink, recycle to save energy. (example) Instead of creating just ink cartridges that are used up quickly, the Howards also manufacture energy-saving and money-saving replacement kits. 2. Recycling reduces pollution and preserves the condition of our environment. 3. Recycling preserves natural resources. (example) Instead of cutting down more trees to produce more paper, the trees can be saved by using old newspapers to make new newspapers. 4. Recycling saves the space on earth that is used for waste disposal.

(The second reason is…)

B. Recycling creates a better life for humans and animals! 1. Recycling protects and preserves the natural resources that we all need to live. (examples) trees, water, minerals, etc. 2. Plastic discards and e-waste are serious problems for marine wildlife. a. The EPA estimates that more than 100,000 marine mammals die each year from ingestion or entanglement of plastic debris. b. Discarded electronics contain hazardous materials such as mercury and cadmium, which can leak into water.

(A final reason you should recycle is that…)

C. Recycling includes three steps which create a continuous loop 1. Step one is...
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