Complete Persepolis/Season of Madness

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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The Complete Persepolis/ A Season of Madness

These two selections are based on completely different scenarios. One takes place in Iran during its country’s revolution with Marjane, a girl trying to figure out who she is and wants while having to face her countries conflicts that affect her. The other story takes places inside a home were a woman named Fatin feigns madness and is having to do desperate things instead of admitting to an adulterous affair she had. Although these two stories may seem like they have nothing in common, these two selections have certain particular points that can be compared among each other. The three points that can be compared are about the mother, husband, and protagonist positions.

Marji’s mother better known as Mrs. Satrapi or Taji s in The Complete Persepolis is a passionate woman, who is upset with the way things are going in Iran, including the elimination of personal freedoms, and violent attacks on innocent people. She actively takes part in her local government by attending many protests. Marjane's mother is very family oriented. She cares very dearly about her daughter Marjane, so much that she is willing to do anything for her happiness. She and Marjane's father were the ones who decided to send Marjane to Austria. The reason they did this was because they wanted Marjane to be safe and have a better life. The only way she could be safe is to get away from the war that was going on at the time. Majane's mother only wants her daughter to be happy. She goes far distances to do so, like going and visiting Marjane in Austria and helping Marjane with her and her husband Reza's wedding even though she did not agree with it and that shows again that she is willing to do anything for her daughter as long as she’s happy.

In A Season of Madness, the mother –in – law shows no compassion. The mother-in-law is a commonly disliked figure in Arab culture, especially when she is the matriarch of the larger family. It seems as...
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