Complaint Letter- Central Heating System

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  • Published : September 22, 2011
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12 Nov, 2010

Dear sir/madam,

Central Heating System

I am writing to complain about the absence of follow-up service supposedly to be provided by your agency a week ago. We are the tenants of a house rented from your agency. My address is House 1, Green Villa, 1 Greenway Road, Shatin.

The central heating system has been out of order since I moved in last Monday on 3 Nov 2010. I called your agency to report the case on the same day and your agency promise to arrange for a repair service the next day. However, no one showed up on 4 Nov 2010 and your agency did not call us to offer an explanation. I have kept calling your agency ever since and requested for immediate action. Your Customer Service Officer kept telling us that the technician would see to the problem the next day. I already made a verbal complaint to your Customer Service Manager, Mr. Douglas on 9 Nov 10, who promised us that he would personally follow up with our case and a repair service would be available on 10 Nov 10 definitely. However, we were let down again.

We are furious with your sub-standard service across all levels in your agency which have caused us unnecessary sufferings. Do I really have to mention that it is freezing cold outside and the temperature is below -8? Can you imagine how my family can survive under such extreme weather without the heating system. I have two very young children and a pregnant wife. You are given a very last chance to fix the problem by arranging repair service by 14 Nov 10 and we demand a formal apology from your company. Otherwise, I will ask for a repair service from another vendor and of course, the cost will be recovered from the rent to be paid next month. According to the lease, we are entitled to a fully-furnished house with all basic facilities available including the central heating system. I suspect that the heating system has been broken down a long time ago before we moved in and your agency cheated us into taking this house...
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