Complaint About Plans to Demolish the Local Market

Topics: Local food, Edward VII of the United Kingdom, Small business Pages: 2 (306 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Joanne Bennet

Councillor Philips
Council House
Brydon Street, Northbury
NN 12 4TU


RE: Complaint about plans to demolish the local market

Dear Councillor Philips,
I am writing this letter to strongly express my objection to demolition of the historic building that houses our local market. I am outraged by the fact that the project of a new car park, planned to be built on the site of the market, has been approved by the council. The small business owners, who trade within the market, will be the main victims of the building’s destruction. The market stalls are not their hobby but a way to make a living. Many of them work 6 days a week, offering the fresh locally obtained products such as organic fruit, vegetables, free range eggs, meat or healthy, preservative-free, homemade preserves and sandwiches to the public. The closure will take the business away from the small local farms and put the money into the pockets of large supermarkets. It will also prevent residents from buying locally grown foods, as our market is one of the few places in the area having fresh organic vegetables and fruit readily available. The market was set up within the building in 1908 and was proud to welcome King Edward VII, who enjoyed not only the local produce but also the art created locally in the town’s art nouveau style. Those exhibitions are still held today and many people travel to see the evolution and continuation of the market fairs that bring tourists from all over the UK and many from overseas. I would be grateful if the Council provided the residents with information about an alternative market location, allowing at the very least a new area for the market to flourish and the town’s traditions to carry on.

Yours sincerely,

Joanne Bennet
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