Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports
William Brown
February 5, 2010
Dr. Bob Amason

Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports

Are they Valuable? Yes, Pete Carol has been valuable to the brand in the past. He is a brand in himself. This year the Trojans have suffered without him, his philosophy, and his charm. One may highlight that he fled to avoid the NCAA -scandal so perhaps the team is better but a prominent coach adds sparkle to the team.

The Trojans build a fan base at the school with indoctrination. Winning begets fans and the team has a good history of winning. In addition, there are many fans that HATE the Trojans. This also helps to develop the brand by developing chatter, and further defining the brand. The fan base is extremely valuable.

Not as valuable. The team does better competitively when it wins. It lacks a distinct style. This is interesting in itself. 'SC does have a unique play calling system but this would not make this a huge competitive advantage. Pete Carroll ran their plays like pro football so the players were better able to play in the pros.

Are they Rare? Professional sports have many good coaches at the college level. This is not something 'SC excels at currently. However, coaching consistently to win is impressive and Pete Carroll could build a winning tradition.  It will be curious to see what the new coach can do here.

Rabid fans are rare at this level. USC has them. The fans have rituals like the fingers pulsing at the fight song, the band with their set play list inciting the crowd. Cardinal and gold plaid on fans, no one pays people to behave like this.

Are they Imperfectly Imitable? Most likely the coaching can be imitable although each coach tends to have his own philosophy.

The fan base is not imitable. Anyone could not develop this enthusiasm without years of investment and brand development. In many cases...
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