Competency Goal 2

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Competency Goal 2 - Physical & Intellectual Competence:

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To advance physical and intellectual competence...It is essential to the growth and development of every child to advance their physical and intellectual needs. There are numerous ways to encourage this type of development. I offer a variety of activities that 

promote the advancement of the physical and intellectual competence of the children in my care. The following are a few examples:INFANTS:I often play "This Little Piggy" with them. This simple game helps them to develop muscle groups, a sense of movement and rhythm and encourages interaction with their caregiver. I ensure that they have the opportunity to explore their environment with both floor time and outside time. This helps them develop their large muscle groups. I provide them with the chance to experience their surroundings by giving them the freedom to grasp, push, feel and even taste their toys.MOBILE INFANTS:I often play "Hide -n- Seek" with them. This fun game encourages them to develop a sense of independence, develop their large motor skills and to communicate their needs through their actions. This game also encourages them to explore their environment. I also encourage them to freely explore their surroundings. I provide ample opportunities for them to walk, crawl and climb. When they show excitement in one of their accomplishments, I show happiness for them as well. I offer a variety of manipulatives in which they may participate. I encourage them to pull or push their toys, stack and knock over blocks and use large pieced wooden puzzles.
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