Child Observation

Topics: Scientific method, Play, Empirical research Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Naturalistic Observation
It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I was observing the children playing in the a small playground in the southern campus. The unexpected sunshine makes everything beatiful today. There are lots of equipments here for children to entertain, such as swing, slide, see saw, spring rider, which remind me my childhood, too. Since today is Thursday, the number of children is less than usual. However, at least I had some children to observe. I focused on the twins, Steve and Bela, who hanging around together in the playground. They are around 3-4 years old. I observed that my children’s behavior consistent with an age range in the Guidelines. During the half an hour when I was observing them, I found out some of their behaviors can link to the Washington State Guidelines. First, “Identify favorite and familiar activites. ”(p.58) Second, I found they are “Engage in play with other children. Join in groupactivities.” Thirdly, “Express delight in own abilities. (“I did it myself!”) ” Lastly, “Initiate interactions and engage in play with adults.” When Bela get into the playground, she was running into the spring rider, and I observed that she likes the sea horse like spring rider especially. Even though there are shark like spring rider and car like spring ride, she was only sitting on the sea horse one with light yellow color. I talked to their mama when they were playing. Their mama told me that they lived in that neiborhood so she brings these twins to park almost everyday. According to these evidence, I can tell that the sea horse like spring rider is Bela’s favorite activities. Her brother, Steve, is kind of different from Bela. He likes to try differient equipments. And he is easy to get tired with one equipment, he usually won’t keep playing one equipment exceed 3 minutes. Another thing that noticed was that they “Engage in play with other children. Join in groupactivities.” There were around 5 children in the playground. Other...
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