Competency Framework

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Management Competency Framework

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Blaenau Gwent's new competency frameworks have been developed to support the Authority's ambitions to continually improve the services we provide to our customers. A group representing all Directorates within the Authority developed the frameworks, and consultation also took place with all department management teams to ensure the frameworks are appropriate and fit for purpose. The frameworks are focused on attitudinal and behavioural competencies, rather than those that look at technical skills. This is because we traditionally have been able to address technical gaps in knowledge through established training and development activities. Behavioural and attitudinal development has not had the same intensity of attention, and the frameworks aim to address this, as it is a crucial aspect of continually improving the services we provide. This particular framework applies to those who report to a Divisional/Service Manager and have an operational management role (which includes managing others), or where the professional /technical role requires regular operation at this level. Below are answers to some of the questions you may have about the frameworks.

What is a Competency Framework?
Competency frameworks are a method of describing the underpinning values that shape and define the culture of the Authority. They also provide clear focus to support the development of staff in order to deliver the best possible services. The competencies within the frameworks have been substantially derived from the People Strategy, the Staff Opinion Survey, and consultation with senior managers, and are focused on ensuring we have the capacity to deliver the strategic objectives of the Authority and make Blaenau Gwent a better place to live and work. There are two generic frameworks that the Authority will be using; 1. Management Competency Framework - this will apply to you if your job involves you supervising or managing other people. The Management Competency Framework splits into 3 levels. The particular level that applies to you depends on the level of your management responsibilities. 2. Generic Competency Framework - this will apply to you if your job does not include supervisory or management responsibilities. There are a number of competencies in each framework. Underneath each is a general description of the competency, followed by a list of attitudes/behaviours that would indicate competence in the relevant area. The list is not exhaustive but is designed to give a flavour of the approach that the Authority encourages in all staff that the framework applies to. There is also a negative statement at the end of each competency to indicate the sort of behaviour that is actively discouraged, as it works against the principle of continual improvement that the Authority is striving for. 3

Why do we need a competency framework?
The competency framework serves several purposes, which together enable the Authority to improve and develop its staff and services. The framework: 1. Informs prospective recruits what is expected of them 2. Informs staff of the sort of attitudes and behaviours the Authority encourages when carrying out their duties 3. Informs staff of what they can expect from their managers 4. Shapes and defines a culture based around strong principles such as partnership, continuous improvement, constructive challenge, and being citizen centred 5. Supports staff at all levels in their development in order maximise their potential The frameworks also link to some of the key strategies that drive the objectives of the...
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