Comparison the Culture of Tea Between China and Britan

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Comparison the culture of tea between China and Britain

Having a cup of tea is one of the most popular leisure consumption in the modern world. In the human life span, drinking tea is not only a healthy and instructive way but also the symbol of fashion. According to Sueoka (2006), based on epidemiological studies, drinking tea is one of the most effective cancer preventive and mitigating methods. This leisure activity is general accepted and favored by people in China and the United Kingdom. The purpose of this article is to discuss the similarities and differences regarding the tradition and history of drinking tea in these two countries.

The purpose of drinking tea is similar in these two different regions. They look tea-drinking as a leisure activity. Above all, the significant reason is that tea is considered as a health-promoting for human. According to Weinberger (2006), tea can reduce the probability of the heart disease as well as cancer, it also can control of growth and apoptosis. Drinking tea is much more like a healthy and popular method for the break time in China and the UK, both the old and the young consider that tea has a positive effect in their daily life.

In terms of history, there are two different stories in China and Great Britain. They have the distinguishing origin of tea. According to the Chinese history book , it points out that China is the earliest country which discovered the plant of tea leaf, and the behavior of drinking tea has been existed for 5,000 years. China has a long history of the tea and nowadays there are six basic types of teas, but the most popular choice is green tea. As for tea in the UK, according to Patricia (1987) , the tea-drinking habit is initiated and spread by Brag Anza to Great Britain around 1660, but it was not until the 19th century in Britain that tea became as widely consumed as it is today. By now, the India has become the major introducer for Britain; many companies in...
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