Comparison the Ads of Enfagrow and Mamil Gold

Topics: Target audience, Communication, Immune system Pages: 11 (3517 words) Published: July 24, 2008
1.0 Introduction
Enfagrow A+ and Mamil Gold Step 3 have their own capability in nutrition of their formulated milk powder as Enfagrow A+ consists of DHA and Mamil Gold consists of IMMUNOFORTIS. Both nutrients might give different impact to the baby. In order to reach the target audience, both advertisement using different types of message execution, creative message strategies, brand communication and media planning.

2.0 Segmentation
Segmentation is determining the number of customers who are likely to buy the offering. Effective segmenting is based on overall business and marketing objective (Duncan, 2005). Different product segment may target different customers as each of the product segments may give different benefits or value to the customers.

2.0.1 Life-cycle Stage
Mead Johnson has five products segment which are pregnant and breast-feeding mother, 0-12 months, 6-18 moths, 1-3 years and 4-6 years. Whereas Dumex has four products segment which are for pregnancy, infant (0-12 months), toddler (1-3 years) and young child (3-6 years). Both of the company product segments that under the life-cycle stage are targeting different types of customer needs and wants.

2.1 Targeting
Targeting is very important to a company as to advertise and promote a brand to everyone would be a waste of money because it is impossible for a product to meet everyone needs and wants.

Enfagrow is mainly targeted towards working class parents who have children in this age group especially for those mothers who are aware of the high needs of intellectual children and for their kids to be in a highly competitive as future adults. It is because Enfagrow contains of 4x DHA and might help the child has a better brain development.

On the other hand, Mamil Gold contains of IMMUNOFORTIS that might improve the child’s immune system. Mamil Gold is targeted on housewife’s who have children between the aged 1 – 3 years in order to have a better health development.

3.0 Message Storytelling
A good brand might have a good story to carry out the brand’s benefits or characteristics, so that the customer may have a better insight about the company and know what the brand doing.

3.0.1 Talking Head and Humor
Enfagrow A+ is trying to use humor and talking head as the message story format to deliver the brand story to the target audience. From the ads, there are a group of children act like reporters and interview the speaker. The conversation between the reporters and the speaker may provide information and knowledge of the brand such as DHA and ARA that these nutrients are important for brain and eye development. However, the combination of the humor and talking head may give an insight to the target audience especially for the mothers who want their adore child to become a success person like the presenter on the stage. Through the brand storytelling, Enfagrow A+ bring the message to the target audience that – stronger children learn more.

3.0.2 Inherent Drama
On the other hand, Mamil Gold is using the inherent drama as the message story format. From the ads, the toddler who sits aside is preventing the gems that carry by sneezing toddler. Due to the reason of the protected toddler had drunk the Mamil Gold as Mamil Gold consists of the IMMUNOFORTIS, which may suppress the increase of bad bacteria that cause illness. Mamil Gold brings the brand story to the target audience with inherent drama, as it is important of the immune system for baby.

3.1 Tone
According to Tom Duncan (2004), tone is a cue about the nature of the message and the personality of the brand. Different tone may deliver different image to the target audience.

3.1.1 Confidence and Prestigious
However, Enfagrow A+ using the confidence and prestigious tone to convince the target audience as consuming Enfagrow A+ might help to increase your lovely baby to have a better brain development due to Enfagrow A+ consists of DHA and...
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