Comparison of Jesus and Confucius

Topics: Confucius, Christianity, Jesus Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: December 11, 2012
To compare and contrast Jesus Christ and Confucius

Two different men, living half of century apart on different continents, representatives of distinctly unlike cultures, and yet their influence on world is so similar. Both men set the beginnings of new religions and new eras in their countries. The religions they founded, survived for two millenniums shaping ideologies not of a single country but of half of the world. Their names are very well known and influential even in modern world. These names belong to a Chinese philosopher Confucius and Jewish religious leader Jesus Christ. The two religions they founded are Confucianism and Christianity. Even though these religions dominated in very distant from each other parts of the World, many concepts of these religions may seem strangely alike. Both Confucius’ and Christ’s teachings pursue transcendence within humans and peace with other people, however their ideas of what it is to be human and how to achieve perfection differ drastically. Two great works of literature Analects and Bible express analogous ideas of Confucius and Christ about perfection of the self and treating others peacefully. Analects describe all the Confucius’ sayings as well as his actions communicating his idea of a perfect “gentleman” the ideal, each man should make his goal to be. New Testament is a collection of short stories describing short episodes from the life of Christ with morale lesson communicating the ideal behavior in each of them. We can see a lesson taught by Confucius in the quote from Analects: “Not to be upset when one’s merits are ignored: is this not the mark of a gentleman?” (Analects, 1.1). An example of pursuing perfection in Bible could be the morale “When you do charity, do not have a trumpet blown before you as hypocrites do…” (Matthew 5-7). Both teach how to become better men, how to improve human nature in order to achieve perfect society. Most famous quotes proving this point from different teachings many...
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