Jesus and Mohammad Paper Hum 130

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Jesus and Mohammad Paper

Two of the most prevailing figures who influence modern religions are Jesus and the prophet Mohammed. Although both religious figures have numerous detractors, they are also highly revered by many. Regardless of one’s stance with regard to religion, the fact remains that both Jesus and the prophet Mohammed are central figures of Christianity and Islam respectively. Their teachings and doctrines manage to influence both the secular and sacred aspects of society in the past and continue to do so today. There are people tend to see the differences between these two monotheistic religions; however, closer scrutiny reveals remarkable similarities as well historically the lives of these two influential figures of Christianity and Islam; compare the impact their deaths had on their respective religions; and describe the way in which each individual was or is worshipped. In addition, the purpose is to explain how their messages carry out in the world today. Jesus Christ of Nazareth

The prophecy of the coming Messiah, who was sent by God and sacrificed for all the sins of the world as well as the Immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary are two of the most popular stories of the Bible. The story of Jesus’ journey on earth began with the appearance of the angel Gabriel to Mary as she was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. The angel informed Mary that God chose her to be the mother of the Son of God (History of Jesus Christ, n.d.). Conceived by the Holy Spirit, Jesus was born to Mary and His earthly father Joseph in Bethlehem in about 6 B.C. (History of Jesus Christ, n.d.). As the story goes, toward the end of her pregnancy, Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to register for census. Upon their arrival, they realized that there was no available room for them to spend the night. Subsequently, the couple was offered refuge in a stable, where incidentally, that same night, Mary gave birth to a baby boy. The couple named the child Jesus, which means God Saves (History of Jesus Christ, n.d.). Extraordinary signs appeared that night as if in recognition of His Divine presence in the world. These signs help to confirm for those who believed in the prophecy that the baby Jesus was indeed the Lamb of God. One such signs was the appearance of a host of angels to shepherds in a nearby field. The angels informed them of the birth of the Messiah in the city of David. These shepherds helped to spread the word of Jesus’ birth, and wise men from the east who knew the significance of a certain star, followed the star and brought gifts and paid respect to Mary and the baby (History of Jesus Christ, n.d.). Even as a child growing up around his father’s carpenter shop, people could see that Jesus was no ordinary child. People would remark upon the fact that Jesus was wise beyond His years, based upon His teachings about the word of God. On a trip with his parents to Jerusalem at the age of 12, Mary and Joseph found Jesus at the Temple in discussions with Rabbis about the Torah. The rabbis found it perplexing that a child so young could be so knowledgeable about Jewish laws. At His parents query about His presence at the temple, Jesus pointedly asked them if they did not know that He was suppose to be in His Father’s house (History of Jesus Christ, n.d.). This proclamation by Jesus explains His close connection with God that would reveal later in His life. No written account is available with regard to the young adulthood of Jesus; neither is there any record to suggest that He ever had a wife or children. However, He emerged again at 30 and it was at this age that He asked His cousin John the Baptist, who was performing baptism in the Jordon River to baptize Him. John the Baptist was reluctant at first because he believed he was unworthy to baptize the Son of God. However, Jesus was adamant so John fulfilled the last of his mission as Jesus’ forerunner and baptized Him...
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