Comparison of Frank O'Connor Short Stories

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Marc D’Angelo
Mr. Bohannon
October 22, 2012
Essay: Comparison of Frank O’Connor’s Three Short Stories
In the three short stories written by Frank O’Connor, he depicts the narrator’s relationship with family similar in his short stories. In all three short stories, “My Oedipus Complex”, “First Confession”, and “Masculine Protest”, O’Connor portrays the narrator as a young aged boy whose relationship with each family member has a unique similarity throughout each of these short stories. Frank O’Connor illustrates a struggle of close relationship between the narrator and his family due to the fact that O’Connor portrays some family members to act unjust and shows a deeper conflict with each member. The narrator is seemed to have a sense of intelligence and standpoint on his relations with the people around him in whom O’Connor relates each story to his own family life.

Frank O’Connor illustrates a relationship between mother son in this case the narrator and the mother on a relationship that is unique in a way of a caring relationship but one that is tragic. The short stories, “My Oedipus Complex” and “Masculine Project”, the relationship of the narrator and mother are similar in which the mother is irritating and insecure. In “My Oedipus Complex”, the mother demands the narrator due to the fact that she seems like all she wants to do is please her husband and through her actions to the narrator, her stubbornness and cruelty gives the narrator no respect or regard for his mother. The narrator is annoyed and sees right through his mother’s issues who let it out on her son. “Masculine Project” also demonstrates a mother-son disconnection because of the mother’s careless, abandoned attitude. With no consideration of her child, the narrator runs away and symbolizes a disconnect for his mother. An unjust treatment from a provider causes the narrator to have a guarded, mature conscience, and a better grasp of seeing through the issues of his family. Frank...
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