Comparison of China, Taiwan, Usa Education

Topics: High school, People's Republic of China, Education Pages: 9 (3868 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Comparisons of Taiwan and China in Respect to Education

Education is huge toss-up in today’s unstoppingly reforming society and workplace atmosphere. China’s educational system has been very distinct in terms of the nature of schooling. That is, due to the nature of large population, the way the education works and demand for higher levels of education has been unprecedented in certain regards. Due to the former and the latter, the competition to entering school of tertiary-education has set a standard that has trickled down through lower levels of education, primarily into Senior High School and Junior High School. This is the case in other countries as well though. Some say that the competition level into entering a college in India is even higher. Regardless of any claims, education in the United States is also something to be looked at in terms of setting precedents of educational standards that are analyzed, mimicked, and followed throughout the globe. The competition in the US is high as well. However, because of factors different culture values, types of people, government influence, and the bars for education in the US differ. Even more notably, the country of Taiwan has given rise to a completely new aspect of education as well. Taiwan is a fascinating case study in terms of education. Taiwan is a very small country with a population of 23 million. Put in perspective, the population of Taiwan has that of Shanghai’s. Further, I would like to note that the issue of Taiwan being a part of China and not its own country is not what will be discussed on in this paper, although it does play significance when relating education systems of China and Taiwan. The essential focus here will be based off the differences of educational infrastructures themselves, methodologies of teachers in the classroom, perspectives of students and values of ‘education’. The nature of a country as a whole has a lot, if not all, to do with an educational system and educational structure. Therefore, these elements will be consistently integrated throughout my analysis. Also note that instead of concentrating on qualities of primary education, this paper aims to heavily lean on high school education in light of an end goal of attending a further education, and also on the college or university itself. I have spent my majority of my career as a student in the United States, therefore having an array of experience in terms of continuing education. Also, I have been fortunate enough to spend three whole months in Taipei, the epicenter of education administration in Taiwan, at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). There, I not only took Chinese courses to supplement my passion for Asian language and culture, but also to gain aspects of Taiwanese students before continuing my studies in Shanghai. Though befriending many in Taiwan, I will use the knowledge and experiences I have had with them there as a large portion of my analysis of Taiwanese education. Further, I have interviewed a recent graduate who currently works for the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, a current student majoring in international business who attends National Taiwan University (Tai Da), as well as a current student majoring in Music at NTNU (Shi Da). These people, coming from different educational backgrounds, all have insights that have reflected a substantial portion of a Taiwanese students’ perspective. Finally, given the opportunity to study in Shanghai’s most prestigious university, Fudan, I have encountered many students from both Fudan and other universities who have tremendously raised my knowledge and added to my research. China is a nightmare in terms of being accepted into a good university, let alone any university, to further a students learning. In China, wherever you attend university directly affects what you will do once you graduate. This is the basis of why there is such tight competition to get into the best university possible. China has not...
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