Comparison Essay About Gym Members

Topics: Average Joe, Sociology, Health club Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: August 3, 2012
Working out can appeal to many different types of people. Various individuals have different motivations for visiting their local gym. I have found that just by observing people around me while working out, helps pass the time and distract me from my screaming muscles. In my observations I have determined there to be three different general types of people that spend time in the gym. Those types are: The Muscle Heads, the Average Joes and the Socials.

The muscle heads are people that I imagine would actually live in the gym if allowed. You can usually find these individuals in the area of the weights and in front of a mirror. They are unmistakable because their bodies appear to be that of a Greek god or goddess. They don’t interact with each other much, and often the only sound coming from their gym domain is the faint humming coming from the music in their headphones and their grunting with every bicep curl or bench press they endure. That is not to say you will not find the occasional conversation occur regarding last weekend’s Strong Man competition. If you ever encounter a muscle head in passing, step to the side, as their muscles can be quite large and cause their arms to bulge outward from their bodies. Do not worry though; it is hard to miss 250 pounds of rippled flesh coming your way.

The average Joe is the most common and least entertaining type of individual at the gym. They drag themselves into the gym and pour their sweat out on the machines or on the track. This type of individual is most often working out alone. If an Average Joe should arrive at the gym with a companion, they will not be seen being very social as they have a goal to complete. Average Joes go to the gym with an objective and once completed, they are out of the door just as quick. You will rarely find an Average Joe without some form of music playing device attached to them. These devices are often used to assist the avoidance of interaction with those around him/her. Average...
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