Comparison/Contrast of Wwi and Wwii

Topics: World War II, World War I, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: October 19, 2010
A Comparison/ Contrast of WWI and WWII

EttaJane Bechtel
Stevens-Henager College
HIS2203 American Civilization
OCTOBER 16, 2010
Prof. T.

A Comparison/ Contrast of WWI and WWII1.
Wars do not start over night. WWI and WWII were more than 20 years, each, in the making. Countries began lining up long before they began to fight. The larger countries started gobbling up the smaller ones around them. They began to build their arsenals and inventing new war machines. People showed their love for their country, or as in the case of Nazi Germany, they were brainwashed. With all these happenings a precipitating factor was needed. In WWI it presented when the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in Serbia. Fascists wanting to control the world helped cause WWII. Japan was angry because Britain and the USA imposed an iron and oil embargo. They needed these raw materials to fabricate weapons. It doesn’t require much more to start a war. The final straw was Germany invading Poland. The Second World War was on.

The weaponry of the Great War (WWI) was limited. Grenades, flame- throwers, machine guns, rifles, and pistols were used. Chemical warfare started early in the war and was frightening for the troops. Germany developed many poisonous gases designed to kill or disable. There were tanks of a sort, but not very efficient. Because this first big war was fought in trenches, trench mortar became a dangerous weapon. Airplanes or air ships as they were called, were used for the first time in the Great War.

Everything that was used in the First World War was used in WWII but they became more sophisticated. Airplanes had developed into sleek fighters. Germany had the first jet fighter. The United States very quickly designed and put into action 19 different fighters and 11 bomber/attack aircraft. There were a variety of other aircraft on each...
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