Trench Warfare and African Americans

Topics: Trench warfare, United States, World War I Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Respond to each of the following questions in a complete paragraph of your own words. Be sure to include supporting details from this lesson in your responses. 1. How did the new technologies of WWI affect soldiers fighting on the front lines? Please include at least three examples of new technologies in your answer. New technology in WWI made soldiers have to invent new forms of deffience which included trench warfare. Soldiers would hide in trenches and firer at enemys. People who went in the middle would face lots of fire and risk. New technology like the tank made warfare more dangerous as well. Submarines were also invented and were used by germany to sink passing vessels. Another form of technolgy included newer guns that were faster to reload and shot as well as newer cannons that would do more damage. All of this new technology made WWI a very dangerous war for soldiers on both sides. 2, How did women get involved in the war effort abroad? Please include at least two examples in your answer.

Women became a big part in the war effort as well, and not just on the home front. Women joined the millitary as nurses in what were called nurse corps. They helped to take care of soldiers. They also joined the red cross in order to help with other hosptials in Europe. Thousands of women became involved in te red cross and nursing corps. 3. How was the war experience of a minority soldier different from that of a white soldier? Please include at least three examples in your response.

Many minority groups saw little action in the war. More than 365,000 African Americans were in the militatry. Most of these men saw almost no action and were used to dig trenches and other small roles. African Americans did recieve better treatment from the french when surving under them. More than 4,000 Mexican Americans were in the miltitary but also saw little action. Most Mexican Americans spoke little to no english and were sent to training camps to learn. The same went for...
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