Comparison Between the Aeneid and the Iliad

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Where have you seen this before?
How are the passages similar? How are they different?
What does this similarity/ difference tell us about a larger similarities/differences in the works of a whole?

Example from teacher:
Aeneid line 404-424 (Dido is broken hearted)
Odyssey: 212-225 (Calypso- "Can I be less desirable?")
similarity: both have broken-hearts- the protagonist is leaving them difference: Aneid- Rome calls, going to Italy to build a new home/ Dido refuses to accept his leaving/ Dido is simply a queen and mortal Odyssey: home calls, Ithika (past already his home) Calypso accepts that he must go/ she is a goddess demise

| The Iliad| The Aenied |
Passage: The Aeneid's last six book (the outbreak of war) resembles the Iliad.| Partoclus killed by Hector and the wrath of Achilles is ignited by the news of the death of his friend.| Pallas killed by Turnus and the wrath of Aneus is ignited when he also receives the news of her dead friend. | Similarities/Differences| Similarities: * Both Achilles and Aneas share the same reaction towards the death of their fellow soldiers.Iliad→ pg 430 ll. 25-38Aenied→ pg 325 * Both Virgil and Homer display the same theme of revenge. * Achilles avenges Hector for killing Patroclus and Aneus kills Pallas in order to serve vengeance for Turnus' death. * Both soldiers are absent from battle and the news is brought to them.Differences: * Both men have different drives→ Achilles is driven by his pride and self-glory while Aneus serves the will of the Gods. * Reason behind the men's absence from the battle field: Achilles: self-loathing and stubbornness for the loss of his war prize therefore refusing to take part in battle.Aneus: carrying out his fate given to him by the Gods; in search of more men for his new army.*different characters| Works as a Whole| Homer→ The Iliad emphasizes the idea of "hamartia" and it's capability of destruction with a strong presence of war.Virgil→ The Aenied focuses...
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