Comparision Between Vietnam and Uk Wedding

Topics: Wedding, Marriage, White wedding Pages: 13 (4232 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Conducted by Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen - FA9-2001


I am deeply grateful to Mr Tran Huy Phuong, of Hanoi University of Foreign Studies for his valuable instruction, corection, comment and assitance during the development of my report. I would like to give a big thank to the English Department for giving me an opportunity and encouragement to complete my research. Finally I also would like to convey my thanks to all of my friends for their help.


Part 1: Similarities in wedding customs of Vietnam and England 1. Introduce the situation.
2. Engagement.
3. Wedding ceremony.
4. Early wedding traditions in the past.
Part 2: Differences in wedding customs of Vietnam and England . 1. Preparation for wedding ceremony.
1.1. In Vietnam
1.2. In England
2. After the wedding ceremony.
2.1. In Vietnam
2.2. In England
3. Other differences.
3.1. The customs of inviting guests
3.2. Organization of wedding
3.3. The process of a wedding ceremony
3.4. Other things
3.4.1. Wedding attire
3.4.2. Colour used in wedding
3.4.3. Veils
3.4.4. Wedding cakes
3.4.5. Wedding gifts
3.4.6. Flower power
3.4.7. Rice
Purpose :
To help students to understand more about culture of England and Vietnam in oder to exchange good things. References
Each country in the world has its own traditional customs because of diffrences in culture. People who like discovering traditions and customs of other countries find it hard to concentrate on the whole matter at a same time. Therefore we should mention one custom individually, then analize it. “Wedding customs” is an interesting topic. It attracts much care of young pepole. Wedding is very important to one’s life, not only to the couple involved but also for both families. Thus, it usually includes quite a few formal ritual observances. The process of wedding in Vietnam (an Asian country) and England (a Western country) is different from each other. This research will bring to you common knowledge about wedding customs in the two countries above. As a second year student of English department, I really want to find path to the English culture, especially the wedding customs. In order to learn English effectively, students had better understand English people and their culture. The research aims at :

- Helping Vietnamese or English learners in common and the youth in particular distinguish the different feature in wedding customs between two cultures. - Giving useful information and illustrations to help Vietnamese who are interested in the English culture or now are living there know how a wedding is organized. And also help English people understand Vietnam wedding traditions. To complete this report, I asked my parents for their experience of wedding and get other sources from books, magazines, internet, etc. I do hope that my report will provide you some basic knowledge about English and Vietnamese wedding customs. And we can exchange suitable and good customs of our own culture .

Part 1

Similarities in wedding customs of VietNam and England .
In every nation, a wedding is organized with many formal ritual observances. Vietnamese and English both have engagement and wedding ceremony in marriage arrangerment. However, engagement and wedding ceremony are completely different in detail.

I. Early wedding traditions

As early as the sixteenth, up to the nineteenth century, marriages in Vietnam and England were arranged by parents or guardians. The bride and bridegroom often were not acquainted until their marriage. The parents often made the marriage arrangements and betrothals while the bride and bridegroom were small children (age three to seven ). The children would continue to live with their own parents and meet from time to time for meals or holiday celebrations. These prearranged marriages came under fire in the late seventeenth century when a judge held that...
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