Compare Two Leaders and Their Leadership Styles

Topics: Leadership Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Reflective Journal 1

The exercise was all about letting your guard down, stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding it. The first activity had us stare into our partner’s eyes. This was awkward above all. I couldn’t stand in one place straight; I was constantly fidgeting and trying to look away. I didn’t know my partner well at the time and instantaneously broke into conversation. I HAD to break the tension created by having to look directly into her eyes. She was cute and got really conscious about what I was wearing, how I looked and how creepy I looked while staring at her. In the second activity we changed partners and were made to look into the other’s eyes without making conversation. This time around it was less awkward than the first time. I knew what was to be expected. What was difficult here was that we weren’t allowed to have a conversation with our partner. For me not talking lead to acute observation of my partner, posture, skin tone, skin type etc., fiddling continued. The third exercise had us hold our partners hand and stare into their eyes while making no conversation. This was relatively simpler and non-awkward. I knew exactly what was to be expected and had come to terms with standing there without making conversation. Holding hands felt a little peculiar, but that was alright. These exercises gave me a lot to think about. I saw that I could adjust to awkward situations given a couple of minutes. I learnt to cope with situations beyond my comfort zone. What I took away from this session was that when you step out of your comfort zone you expand it. I got more open with myself and expanded my comfort zone to a different threshold. It made me feel helpless and in a fix but with the various exercises I developed a more liberal approach to it. I saw that what really mattered was the approach you took towards the exercise and the amount you held yourself back. When I stopped thinking about how the other person would see me, I automatically...
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