Compare Tqm and Bpr

Topics: Top-down and bottom-up design, Better, Management Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: March 22, 2009
Both TQM and BPR are customer-oriented. They both aim on improving the customer satisfaction. Also, they both suggest thinking outside in. On the other words, they both suggest to think from the customer's viewpoint. Also, both TQM and BPR are process-oriented. They both target to alter the processes, but not just on the product. Moreover, they both take team approach. Nearly all BPR projects are initiated by top-down approach. Since BPR would results great changes, staff resistance is obvious. Therefore, top management's support and commitment are very important. For TQM, both top-down approach and bottom-up approach are possible.

The basic assumptions of TQM and BPR are different. TQM assumes that the existing practices or systems are principally right and useful. The target of TQM is to improve on the basis of the existing system. However, BPR takes an opposite assumption. BPR assumes the existing system is useless and suggests starting it over. Unlike TQM that aims on smoothly and incremental improvements, BPR aims on dramatic results.

TQM emphasis on total involvement, including all the stakeholders. The involvement even extends to suppliers and customers. Also, TQM also suggests involving all the processes in the company, including human resources management, order fulfilling, manufacturing, marketing and customer management and others. However, for BPR, the project can be controlled to a specified area only.

Standardization is one of the key points of TQM. TQM aims on standardize the practices, thus achieving a consistent performance. It also makes that there is a certain degree of documentation for TQM. However, BPR emphasis on flexibility and believes that standardization would increase the complexity of the process. Therefore, standardization is rare in BPR and the level of documentation is much lower.

TQM emphasis on the use of statistical process control. However, there is no similar concern for BPR. On the other hand, BPR emphasis more on the...
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