Compare the Management of a Public Service in the Uk to That of One Other Country of Your Choice. What Does the Comparison Tell You About the Factors That Shape Public Management in Each Country?

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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BMAN 31051

International and Comparative Public Management

Guidance notes:

Assignment – 3,000 word essay


Compare the management of a public service in the UK to that of one other country of your choice. What does the comparison tell you about the factors that shape public management in each country?

Key points to remember:

The tutorial discussions will act as a basis for at least part of the essay.

The tutorials are directly related to the lecture topics:

|TOPIC |RELEVANCE TO ASSIGNMENT | |1. Introduction to the Module |Bureaucracy as a dominant organizing principle | | |New Public Management | | |Shift to governance | |2. Approaches to International and Comparative Public |Using the comparative method | |Management | | |3. The Role of International Organisations |Consider the influence of these organisations on the UK and the country | | |you have selected | |4. Policy Learning and Policy Transfer |Look for evidence of this kind of activity | |5. Institutional Aspects of International Public Management |Consider and compare political systems | |READING WEEK | |...
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