Compare the Justice System in Your Country and in the Uk. Which Aspects of Each System Do You Prefer?

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Compare the justice system in your country and in the UK. Which aspects of each system do you prefer?

There are a lot of countries in the world. All have their own history, heritage and culture. Because of those reasons, different countries have their own way running their land by their government. There’s a big difference between how my homeland’s government run my country and how the Great Britain run theirs. I am going to interpret this from those following paragraph.

I found something interesting. Firstly, British law is more stringent for child protection. For example, A British woman travels to abroad about six weeks, the 14year-old daughter stay at home, although she prepared a lot of food and £ 100 cash in home. She still neglect has been sentenced. However, in traditional Chinese considering, 12-year-old children are mature, and they can do a lot of housework, especially in Chinese rural, teenager children look after their siblings is really common. I am more in favor of British law, It can protect them, make them more secure.

Secondly, Chinese legal age for marriage, men not earlier than 22 year old. And the women are 20 years of age. If you get married is earlier than this age. In the Chinese law is invalid, because marriage reach a certain age, it have the appropriate physiological conditions and psychological conditions, also can fulfill couples obligations, they can bear responsibility for family and society. Whereas, law of Great Britain, the age of 16, they can get married by their parents accompany. In my opinion, 16year-old is very young, they don’t have responsibility for their husband or wife.

Another thing is that in China, if someone has murder or serious criminal, He is likely to be a death penalty. However, There is no death penalty in the United Kingdom. Some people opposed to the death penalty, some people do not. The latter thinks about the biggest deterrent capability, the death penalty has played better...
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