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Topics: Lee County, Florida, Southwest Florida, Area code 239 Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Growing up in east Fort Myers, (a destitute area with an unsettling amount of violence, drug houses, and broken down vehicles in the front yard), seemed to be a nice, safe place to live as a child; but as an adult, it does not seem it was much of a bargain. Living in Cape Coral validates that life in “the Cape” is a world apart its neighboring city, Fort Myers. Inundated with strict, code enforcement rules, family-oriented neighborhoods and minimal crime activity, Cape Coral presents a cleaner, safer, and family focused environment.

In Fort Myers, the sound of gun shots is frequently heard throughout the day and night, followed by the whining sound of police cars or the ambulance shortly thereafter. As frightening as it may sound, it is not uncommon to hear news of bullets piercing into someone’s home. However, these frequent acts of violence and chaos are almost unheard of as a resident of Cape Coral. To see a squad car doing anything outside of routine traffic stop is a rare instance. Unlike Fort Myers, most citizens appear to be more law-abiding whether at home or out in the community.

As a resident of Cape Coral, one must be involved in “organized parenting.” Houses in Cape Coral are mostly scattered far apart, and very few neighbors know one another. This does not give way to parents allowing their children to roam the neighborhood, potentially getting into trouble and causing mischief. Arrangements are typically made in advance as far as which child is going to whose home. Also, there are numerous amounts of family organized events on a regular basis, such as birthday parties, cook-outs, and sleepovers, in addition to city organized events, like the Coconut Festival and Sun Splash. More often than not, kids lack the extra time to roam the streets unaccompanied. Contrarily, some residents’ mentality in east Fort Myers exhibits to be more care free. Parents often stay home, questioning if their child is safe and sound from afar. Rest assure, most...
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