Compare and Contrast Two Book That I Have Read

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Compare and Contrast Two Books

                           There are two books that I have read help me successfully in my life. One of whose names is " Chicken Soup for Soul: Think Positive" and the other is " Chicken Soup for Soul: Finding Your Happiness''. When you compare them, they seem like dramatically different books, but they have many things in common, and I love both of them.

                  They have many similarities. Both of them have the title is

‘‘Chicken Soup for Soul’’ because they're written by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor

Hansen, Amy Newmark and Deborah Norville. English is given to them.

Beside, both of them got used the same title which is "The Chicken Soup for

Soul", and logo was printed in cover books. Both of them have the same size.

It's 20 by 18cm. Otherwise, both of them contain introduction, stories and

background of the history authors. There are 101 stories which has

Literacy Collections ,and Anedotes. In each section, a proverb is after a title.

When I read them, I'm quite good in my life.
Despite their similarities, there are some differences. It's quite

the title and colors in books.  ''Think Positive" is not like as "Finding Your Happiness’’, and ''blue'' is just as "pink''. By the way, the time publish is not the same. ''Think positive is earlier than "Finding Your Happiness''. One is on Septemper, 28, 2010, and the other on October, 25, 2011. Furthermore, It’s difference from the content. "Think Positive'' includes 101 true personal storied that are regularly people about the paper positive thinking counting their blessings, and are grateful. Unlike, "Finding Your Happiness'' has collected 101 stories shows how people found the happiness by pursuing the passions and recognizing the purposes, and finding joy in their lives.

 I was worry about challenging in my life, and got stressed

several years.  However, I'm...
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