Compare and Contrast the Reportage of the Same Story Found in a Broadsheet and in a Tabloid

Topics: Broadsheet, Tabloid, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: April 18, 2009
Compare and Contrast reportage of the same story as found in a broadsheet and a tabloid. Consider the features discussed in class and make use of technical language

To get an idea of the differences I have looked at how crime is being reported between Broadsheet and Tabloids and frankly how in a number of tabloid newspapers in particular true horrific crime stories have lost out to ‘showbiz’ and ‘celebrity’ stories as the number one priority.

I have chosen the murder on Sunday the 9th of March 2009 of two unarmed British soldiers outside their army barracks as they casually and innocently collected some take away pizzas from two deliverymen who also were badly injured. The shootings were truly shocking as the last British soldier to be shot and killed in Ireland was near ten years ago. This Northern Ireland ‘peace agreement’ appeared to be working. How did the Broadsheets and Tabloids fair?

The Broadsheet I have chosen is the Daily Telegraph. On Tuesday, a day and a half after the shooting the story was still front page with prominent pictures of one of the soldiers with his family and a smaller but just as important picture of the second soldier who died. There then followed an in depth analysis of what actually happened. Additionally there were quotes from British and Irish politicians north and South of the border. These quotes were analysed particularly Sinn Fein (the political wing of the old IRA) to see how sincere there condolences were. Very importantly the Daily Telegraph then did an in depth look at if the peace process was to be de-stabilised. The most important fact about the reporting was that it was not persuasive or bias. It simply reported the facts and let the reader form their own opinion on the subject rather than convincing us to see the killings in the way the paper did. The shootings could be of significant historical importance that could determine future actions taken. Are the shootings going to be the start of resurgence in...
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