Compare and Contrast the Meaning of Health Who 1946 as Well as Health as a Commodity

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Health is liberty from ache in the physical body, a condition of being healthy, freedom from fervor on an emotional plane , ensuing in a lively condition of tranquility and peace; and liberty from egotism in the psychological circle, as a result having a total union with the surroundings. World Health Organization's (WHO) constitution defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (WHO, 1992). Although it is quite certain that no one can be perfectly healthy and cannot attain the entirety of health. Health should be treated like a commodity these days as it is a necessity. But the health department is neglected these days and thus it is transforming into a major concern. From a philosopher's point of view which centers on the community's norm suggests that disability, infection and infirmity should be absent. "the state of optimum capacity of an individual for the effective performance of the roles and tasks for which (s)he has been socialized" Parsons (1972) p117, cited in Aggleton (1990) p9

Compare and contrast the meaning of Health WHO 1946 as well as Health as a Commodity

As new medications have come in the market, it implies that health can be bought or supplied (through health services; medical stores), given (through drugs and surgery) and lost (through any untoward incident). And thus it can be sold as a commodity. The grave fault though is that unfortunately it is not treated as a commodity. Requirements like food, clothing and shelter are generally given through private sector companies. And not only this consumers can get a lot of options and thus can easily get their required things in reasonable prices. And even now Health insurance in countries is provided mostly through private markets. It's a product that is bought, though in most cases of people get their health insurance through their work as compensation and therefore they cannot change...
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