Compare and Contrast the Characters of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor

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What about Bob?
By Jessica Kerney

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General Psychology 02c – 9:15am
Mr. Braun
April 5th 2012
What about Bob?

In the movie, What about Bob, examples of both abnormal psychology and humanism were displayed through different characters. Abnormal psychology can be defined as an area of psychology that studies atypical thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that may be directed to many distinctive kinds of mental disorders. Behaviors of abnormal psychology can be either maladaptive or adaptive depending on the person’s whole-self concept ( Humanism is the outlook of thought, connecting human concerns and values through the importance of human matters rather then godlike matters ( Human problems are solved through rational ways and stress upon the goodness of human beings. Bob shows obsession compulsion disorder and unconditional positive regard during many scenes of the movie while Dr. Marvin displays a lack of accurate empathetic understanding.

Abnormal psychology
Bob shows clear signs of obsessive compulsive disorder; also known as OCD in many scenes. Obsessive compulsive disorder is when a person has unwanted obsessions with specific things such as thoughts, emotions, or ideas that are then brought out through behaviors as compulsions that interferes with daily life ( Bob Shows this disorder by thinking that there are germs everywhere he goes as soon as he steps foot outside of his apartment. He thinks that he is going to get hurt, have shortness of breath, or become sick at any moment. He also believes that is bladder could explode or he could go into cardiac arrest at any given time. When leaving his apartment, Bob has a tissue in hand at all times. When it comes to touching anything, whether it be door knobs, car handles, buttons on the elevator, telephones, or even objects in restaurants, Bob’s fear of germs interferes with his daily life by taking the time to make sure no exposed flesh...
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