Compare and Contrast: Techniques of Imperial Administration

Topics: Warring States Period, Han Dynasty, Qin Dynasty Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Jessica Chan
AP World History
11 Oct. 2012
Compare and Contrast: Techniques of Imperial Administration
I. The Han (of China) and the Gupta (of India) were both empires that used various techniques of imperial administration to make their empires succeed. Although the Han Empire and Gupta Empire share their receiving of rewards for temporarily succeeding, antagonisms among their states, and their failure, they differ in their state-level government, types of adequate military resources, and their specific revolutions that toppled their empires. II. Similarities – receiving of rewards for temporary success, antagonisms among states, and failure. A. Receiving of rewards for temporary success

1. Economic rewards – Han received expansion of established cities and creation of storehouses of food when supplies decreased. Gupta’s trade increased and advanced in art, sciences, and use of iron. 2. Population increase – Han’s population increased when their Chinese farmers colonized their new land. Gupta’s population increased with prosperity and women getting married at a younger age. 3. Becoming better known – The expansion of cities, population increase, and advancement in technology attracted more people into the Han and Gupta empires. B. Antagonisms among states

1. Han - Warring States period prior to the empire’s Qin unification. 2. Gupta – Hinduism v. Buddhism.
3. Women lost their rights, becoming inferior to men. C. Failure of the empires
1. Failure to continue conquest eroded faith in ideology that supported the empire – Han’s farmers depended on landowners for security, but the revels attacked the government officials and securities. Gupta was injured by constant attacks and was unable to control the local princes. 2. Ideology of expansion and conquest resulted in attempts of conquest beyond practical...
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