Decline of Han and Gupta Dynasty

Topics: Xiongnu, Emperor Wu of Han, Gupta Empire Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Matthew Vinas Chapter 510/9/12
The Han dynasty and Gupta India were both large powerful empire who conquered most if not all their surrounding neighbors. They left a impression on the surrounding area and its history. Regardless of this influence they could not avoid the looming end that was coming. Like all large civilizations of its time both Gupta India's and the Han's golden age had to end. There are many reasons for this the largest ones being corrupt or weak government, foreign invasions, and internal rebellion.

Gupta India was a highly advance culture containing advance mathematics, astronomy, and city planning. But none of these advancements could save them from the decline and eventual fall of their civilization caused by weak government. Following the death of Skanda Gupta in 467 CE rebellion and civil war began to tear the empire apart causing a time of unsteady rule. The constant rebellion caused the government's power in society to decline to . Due to the decline of government, many necessary part of society had to be ignored in an effort to fix the current problems that were being faced. This neglect allowed for the military to decline resulting in the increasing success of the Huns invasions. These invasions took a heavy toll on the government of Gupta, more specifically its rulers causing them to lose more and more power. This lack of sturdy rule allowed the people of Gupta to rebel against its government and its government officials which lead to the invasions of Gupta. Aside from the weakened monarchy, the very personalities of the later Gupta Kings contributed to the ultimate fall of this dynasty.

Similar to Gupta the decline of the Han dynasty can be sum up to three points corrupt and incompetent government and rebellion.fisrt of all the governmet of Han was corrupt. Toward the end of Wudi’s reign in 156 BCE, violence erupted between the empress and Wudi’s concubine over the heir to the throne. Eventually, a compromise ruler was...
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