Compare and Contrast of Agriculture Technology Between

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  • Published: October 16, 2012
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UGC101 Term Paper
Student Name: Yue Wu
Student Number: 37496035

Compare and Contrast of Agriculture technology between Shang Dynasty and Han Dynasty

Due Date: 11/29/11

For the past five thousand years, human civilizations have existed on the earth and constantly reforming and contributing to our society. The excellences human made are unprecedented, and the experience theses civilizations cumulated can also be continuously studied by the people nowadays. This year, we learnt many great civilizations, among the civilizations in ancient China, the Shang dynasty and the Han dynasty are the most outstanding civilizations. Their cultures are distinct and their contributions are tremendous. Although now we can find their stories, cultures and inventions only on history books, their contributions and achievements are still having deep affection to us. Agriculture is a very significant part of a civilization. Without agriculture, making progress is impossible. Agriculture is the foundation of everything. Agriculture is a good reflection of science and technology in a civilization. During the comparing and contrasting of the agriculture of Shang dynasty and Han dynasty, we can get a deeper understanding of the great knowledge and intelligent of the people of the two dynasties. We can also discover the development and progress they have made. The Shang dynasty is the second dynasty in Chinese history. The Shang Dynasty last from 1600 B.C. to 1046 B.C. and experienced three big stages. The Han dynasty can be divided into two historical period which are western Han dynasty (202 B.C. to 9 A.D.) and eastern Han dynasty (25A.D. to 220 A.D.) Both Shang dynasty and Han dynasty are important civilization in Chinese history. Also, both dynasties made big breakthrough in agriculture. From the research of a large number of...
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