Compare and Contrast- Life Before and After Children

Topics: Tony Award for Best Musical, Mother, English-language films Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Compare and Contrast Essay # 2
In October of 2007, I gave birth to a new life. I had a beautiful baby girl whom I named Melina Claire. I knew Motherhood was not going to be all about cherry’s and butterflies. I knew it was definitely going to be challenging, joyful, trying, and full of different experiences. Thirteen months later I gave birth to a baby boy named Alex Jacob. My life has changed for the better of course, but it is also very different. Life before and after having children has its ups, downs, similarities, and differences in many ways. New mothers lose significant amounts of sleep the first year or two. After doing the math, this means I will lose double the amounts of sleep than normal! However, I will not be able to sleep in until 10:00am as I used to before having children. We are on a set schedule and wake up bright and early. I am now responsible for two other people. Getting ready to go anywhere is a task. I not only have to get myself ready, but I also have to get the kids ready. I can never win. If I dress them before myself, I risk having to dress them a second time because they have gotten into the pantry and decided they would pull out the flour and have a party. Due to life’s mishaps a lot of times, time is just not on my side. Carrying a purse with all of my belongings is no longer an option. I am carrying a bag in the same way, only I must now carry a bag with all of the baby’s necessities. My wallet and cell phone might be the only things that are “mine” in this gigantic bag. Just as I was once childless and prepared, I am still with children and prepared for anything. I can no longer jump up out of my seat when my girlfriends call to invite me to lunch or out for drinks, unlike the times when I had no children. I have to make sure that I have a sitter or someone to watch my children. If I have no sitter I can very well bring the children with me to lunch. But I have no idea how the afternoon will play out or how they will...
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