Compare and Contrast: Julius Caesar

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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History is very important, without it we wouldn’t know of things that developed our country, we wouldn’t know of momentous people who did brilliant or even horrific things. Such as two well known conspirators who wanted innovation but to do so killing was much involved. Gaius Cassius Longinuslinus and Joseph Goebbels are two people from different worlds, different times and different roles played in history but both are very similar in the way they lived their lives and their goals within the country they lived and died in. Their arrogance is the sole cause of why they were loathed and the regards of disloyalty and cruel tactics they left the world in will forever be known. Gaius Cassius Longinuslinus was born in ancient Rome in 85 B.C with a number of different family members. He struggled in school and later studied philosophy. He then became fluent in Greek. Cassius got married to Junia Tertia, she was the daughter of Servilia Caepionis who was also Cassuis’ friend and co-conspirators half-sister. They later had a son in 60 B.C. Cassius left Rome with his son to fight in a battle, when he returned there was a civil war breaking out between Julius Caesar and Gneaus Pompeius Magnus. Caesar defeated Pompey and gained popularity and power that Cassius felt Caesar didn’t deserve. Cassius spent two years being a conspirator with his fellow colleagues, Brutus being one of them. They made a plot to kill Caesar and convinced Brutus that he would gain all the power giving him the acclaim Caesar had. They did as such and their planned failed as Marc Antony told the people otherwise. Cassius and Brutus were the enemies at this point and they later left town, impending their suicide due to their fear of being caught and killed brutally by the cause of their abolishment of Caesar. (Sedley 1) Joseph Goebbels was born in 1897 as the son of a bookkeeper in a very catholic home. His parents had hoped that he would become a priest. Goebbels saw in his future otherwise, he...
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