Compare and Contrast Easy (Technical School vs. University )

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Compare and contrast easy (technical school vs. university ) Based on my findings I will be comparing and contrasting the advantages and the disadvantages between attending a Technical school and attending a University (college). Many people if not all start school with the intentions or the goal of making it into a good university, but little do they know that university is not the only way to success. Although technical schools are not as good as the universities they can equip you with the necessary skills and training that you need to to go out there and make living for yourself. Many people say that if you don’t have a University Degree than you can’t get a good job or they even sometimes look down on you. But imagine this what would happen if everyone went to university who would work for who? That’s why I always tell my friends that University is not meant for everyone. People look down on technical schools and say that they are just for failures but that is not true I say this because for example if you are an electrical engineer your job is to design but then you will need someone to build or make what you designed and that’s where the technical school students come in, even though you might be conceded as a low class because you don’t have a university degree, you are still needed by the companies, Second to that is that you spend half the time you would spend at a University and also you pay much less than you would pay at the University. On the other hand if you have a University degree you are ten times more likely to get the job of your dreams that pays you five times than a person that has a technical school diploma, you are more respected in society and you are seen as a better person than then someone who got a technical school diploma. Which is true, University have many advantages such as: you will become more educated ,you will (hopefully) get a qualification that increases your career prospects, you will have many opportunities to explore...
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