Compare and Contrast Call of the Wild Essay

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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The book and the movie of The Call of the Wild are both similar yet different. Like any movie based on a book, the movie of The Call of the Wild presents different characters and events than the book so it can be unique and enjoyable. In this essay, I’ll like to compare and contrast the book and the movie.

The book and the movie of The Call of the Wild are fairly similar. In both the movie and the book, Buck first lives on Judge Miller’s estate and is kidnapped by Manuel, the gardener. Buck is sold, then disciplined and learns the law of the club. Francois and Perrault, two French men, buy Buck and Buck quickly learns how to pull in a sled. On the way to Dawson, Buck and the lead dog Spitz have a rivalry and Buck ends up killing Spitz. After he kills Spitz, Buck becomes lead dog and there is no more trouble between the dogs. When Buck and his team become too tired to pull any longer they are sold to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes and are worked very hard. Some of the dogs die because of the humans’ lack of knowledge of the dogs. They stumble into John Thornton’s camp and John Thornton advises Hal not to take any chances on the rotten ice, but Hal wouldn’t listen. When Hal starts beating Buck, Thornton attacks Hal and takes Buck from him. Hal starts the sled and as Hal, Charles, Mercedes, and the remaining sled dogs go across the frozen river, the ice breaks and they all drown. After Thornton gets Buck, they sail down the river to Dawson. At Dawson, Buck saves Thornton at a bar fight, when Black Burton attacks Thornton, by tearing Burton’s throat. Buck also wins the $1600 bet for Thornton and makes it possible for Thornton to pay his debts and look for the Lost Mine. Thornton and Buck travel through the wild, and Thornton finds gold. While Thornton pans for gold, Buck goes into the wild and explores. Buck also meets a wolf and befriends him. Finally at the very end, Thornton is killed by the Yeehat Indians, and Buck, in a fiery,...
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