Compare and Contrast 2 Societies

Topics: Amish, Sociology, Family Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: March 3, 2012
The aim of this assignment is to compare the Amish and British Societies in respect of how norms and values are passed on through the family, how labour is divided in the family and to also compare the education of children in society. Both societies have similar backgrounds and routines, goals and aspirations, therefore this assignment will examine the similarities and differences. From a Sociological perspective, norms are described by Newbold et al (2008) as “guidelines for behaviour in a specific social setting” (p4). Norms are learned through primary socialisation, which refers to learning the norms and values of ones society in the family. In British Society a norm could be that one would queue in a supermarket at the checkout. In Amish society a norm would be that of following the Ordnung. Norms are learned through the family, very early in life. Smith (2010), states that Amish children are taught the values of simplicity and to dislike vanity or self-importance. Amish values are governed by a set of rules laid out in the Ordnung. Amish communities have one religion based on these rules. Newbold et al (2008) reports that secularisation has led to religion in British Society playing a less significant role in socialisation, It is becoming a norm for some Christians to only attend church for christenings, weddings and funerals. Roncki (2006) states that simply by the way of dress, it is obvious the Amish follow a different faith and way of life. Every other Sunday, the Amish go to houses as religion literally stays at home. Men and Women were still separated by ad joining rooms and small children are passed back and forth. Newbold et al (2008) (p4) articulates that some British values are religious; however others are created on the needs of the social system. British Society is multi-cultural, traditionally Christianity, Roman Catholics and Methodist, however in more recent times, Black (2011) shows that Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs cultures are all...
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