Compare and Contrast

Topics: Adult, Coming of age, Childhood Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: March 12, 2013
My two Favorite Famous Festivals
All societies past and present have celebrated the happy things in life, like births and marriages with special events. Also, all societies have remembered the sad things in life, like deaths. These events are called rituals, the events have procedure and people follow them exactly. Are traditional festivals dying in your country? In the past, present taught their children about the procedure.Although they were passed down from one generation to the next. But nowadays, modern societies in some countries are losing the rituals of the past. There are two favorite famous festivals that are similar and different: “Seijin No Hi and Quinceernera.” At first, it seems that Seijin No Hi and Quinceernera have a lot in common. First of all, both festivals are coming of age festivals and both names mean the ending of childhood that the child has become an adult. In addition, the costumes for girls at Seijin No Hi festival is just the same as the costume at Quinceernera festivals both wearing dresses. Most important, that the government for both festivals gives presents for who become an adult to feel how they are important in the community. The differences between the two festivals are that Seijin No Hi for boys and girls but Quinceernera for girls only. Also, the age when they become an adult in both festivals are different at Seijin No Hi is for who become a 20 years old and at Quinceernera for who become 15 years old. The Seijin No Hi festival in Japan. In contrast, Quinceernera festival in Mexico. However, at Seijin No Hi festival who become an adult he or she can vote and smoke, but at Quinceernera festival the girls who become an adults it can gets married. In conclusion, the both festivals are my favorite and famous, these two festivals happened for a reason and both are mark the ending of childhood and beginning of adulthood. It’s amazing how these coming of age festivals happened in different countries around the world for the...
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