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Topics: Advertising, India, Chocolate Pages: 8 (1591 words) Published: September 17, 2012

Topic: Behind the Scenes

In partial fulfillment of the degree of B.Des. Fashion Communication

Student Name: Minakshi Manjari

Reg. No: 060875500016

Guided by: Ms. Suhasini Taneja

Submitted by: Minakshi Manjari




Department of Fashion Communication

National Institute of Fashion Technology

Bangalore - 560034


I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my gratitude for my mentor Ms. Suhasini Taneja, for her painstaking efforts and constant guidance during the course of Colloquium Paper. Without her help and suggestions, this project would not have been complete.

I would also like to thank Nift Bangalore, for giving us this opportunity to study one topic in such depth and to come up with a final outcome based on the study. I would also like to thank my entire faculty who helped clear my doubts whenever I had any. Last but not the least; I would like to thank all my friends and well wishers for their best wishes.

Thanking You,

Minakshi Manjari




• To study the significance of festivals in India.

• To study and collect data regarding the three different mediums -VM, Advertising (Electronic media) and Graphic design (print media), used for promotion during the festive season.

• To analyse changes in promotional strategies vis a vis the above mentioned media, based on the following parameters :

1. Different Festive seasons – like Diwali, Christmas, new year, Holi etc..

2. Difference in the promotional offers and merchandise display during festival time and otherwise.

• Do a comparative analysis between the three media based on the effectiveness

• To study people’s perception towards the change in the mediums.

Introduction to the Topic

India is a land of festivals and festivities. Through these festivals, human beings express gratitude to the forces of nature that help them to produce wealth of food from tilling the land, to procreate and bring to life best offsprings, to harness energy resources from water, air, and sun energy. Thus sun, air, water (rivers, seas, and ocean) trees and forest (that give us wood and herbs and roots as medicines) became objects of worship. Thus festivals became not only the personal, family, and social occasions of fun and merriment, but also prayer and worship of various gods and goddesses. Festivals in India are well spread out all over the year. These are the times when the whole family comes together to celebrate. Apart from that, India being the epitome of unity in diversity, there are festivals celebrated by all the different religions and in different regions.

Therefore purchase decisions and buying behavior manifests a lot of variation. As the spending power increases, backed by increase in per capita income and willingness to purchase, Indian customers have started looking for more and better options. The retail market is flooded with competition in each product category.

So why will a customer opt for product A and not product B if both of them lie in the same price range and have similar service promises? The key is product differentiation. Manufacturers of goods and services employ various means to attract customers to their products. This is where VM, print ads and TVCs have an important role to play.


Semester 5

Type of Research: Secondary

Objective: To finalise a topic and outline objectives for further research.

Channels Employed: Internet, Books, Study Material, Documentation of images.

Analysis and Conclusion: After my secondary research, I have a better understanding of consumer behavior. Also I better understand the need for Visual Merchandising and advertising (print ads and television commercials) in the performance of the product. A lot of...
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