Compare and Contrast

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Compare and contrast how a university student reads and responds to lecture notes that he/she has created themselves and notes borrowed from a friend. Thesis Statement
Topic Sentence 1
While students are always encouraged to prepare their own notes from lectures that they attend, it cannot be denied that there are times when students may not be able to be present at a lesson. As such, he or she would need to depend on notes prepared by a classmate so as not be left behind in lessons. This essay presents two prominent similarities and one difference between how a student reads and responds to self-written lecture notes and those borrowed from a friend. Topic Sentence 2

The first thing that stands as a similarity is that the reader of either type of notes must approach the notes with some level of prior or background knowledge on the subject. This knowledge could come from his or her own reading before the lecture or from paying close attention while the lecture is being conducted. A student who reads from a sheet of self-written notes taken during a lecture will not benefit if he or she did not engage effectively in the lesson in order to grasp the concepts covered. Similarly, a student who reads from a friend’s notes with no prior knowledge of content covered will find that there is little benefit gained from those notes. Undoubtedly, notes, regardless of who prepared them, do not work independently of some prior knowledge of subject matter. Topic Sentence 3

Besides, both methods of reading and responding to notes require the same amount of concentration while reading. Self written notes do not serve any purpose if the student merely reads them with a lack of concentration. Shortcuts and symbols must be paid attention to if a student intends to benefit from his or her hard work preparing the notes. Similarly, a set of notes given by a friend needs careful attention given to all parts in order for the reader to gain mastery of the subject matter. Shortcuts...
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