Compare and Constrast Essay

Topics: Population, City, Rural area Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Comparison and Contrast Essay: City or the country
The opinions of city dwellers about people lining in the countryside are like two sides of a coin. Some may think that the countryside is romantic and peaceful; others may consider that it is just muddy fields and nothing else. Although the countryside has lush green landscaping, quaint houses and people who have the time to wish you “Good day” if you walk buy; it is far from conveniences like Supermarkets, movie theaters, libraries and other modes of entertainment, that it is very difficult to appreciate the beauty. The basic disadvantage is the compulsory need of a vehicle to take you from one place to another. In the city public transportation is an easy and cheap alternative. It is difficult to see the stars, or feel the wind on ones face, or meditate in the quiet when you are living in the city. Country people have their own land, their own house where they can grow their own food in the garden, instead of being dependent upon the produce section of the nearest supermarket or being cramped into a 300 Sq. Ft apartment with no privacy. Cities are polluted due to car and factory emissions and the honking of horns and noise could lead to sleepless nights. Some people consider the fact that as the cities are so densely populated, there is always an availability of housing for any budget type. It is surprising to know that it does cost a lot to live in the country too. Living expenses tend to be more in the country. Due to less population and less of a demand for products the stores have less of a stock so they charge more to cover the demand. Plus you have to build your own house and take care of the maintenance, repairs if any. Sometimes, the rural areas are also polluted due to farm chemicals. Educational and recreational facilities tend to be better in the cities than country side. Job opportunities in big cities are better as companies want to be in the heart of the downtown of cities, so the spending...
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