Comparative Study Between Mla and Apa Style

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Documentation: A Comparative study between MLA and APA style

Documentation is a very significantly important matter in any research paper. A good and proper documentation is mandatory for a good research. Documentation means confirmation of some fact or statement that is true through the use of documentary evidence. Actually proper documentation ensures proper documentary evidence. So it is crucially important that one should ensure a proper documentation so that the paper should not be rejected for plagiarism. It gives the readers access to the sources one cites. In Humanities and Social Science we have two different styles of documentation; MLA style and APA style. We use MLA style in Humanities School, whereas APA style in Social Science School. Comparative Study:

MLA and APA are two different styles of writing offering two ways of documentation. But the main objective of the two styles is same as it is concerned with documentation, the format of research papers; in-text citations, endnotes/footnotes and the works cited page. In this paper we will present a comparative study between these two well accepted styles of documentation. In the comparative study we will see the background of the two styles; we will see the different aspects and components of the style as well. Background of the styles:

MLA stands for “Modern Language Association” of America. MLA style is most commonly used to write papers and articles within the Liberal Arts and Humanities. The MLA was founded in 1883, as a discussion and advocacy group for the study of literature and modern languages (Wikipedia). According to its profile featured by the “American Council of Learned Societies” (ACLS), The Modern Language Association is formed for educational, scientific, literary, and social objects and purposes, and more specifically for the promotion of the academic and scientific study of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and other so-called modern languages and literatures. (Wikipedia) APA stands for “American Psychological Association”. It is the largest scientific and professional organization of psychologists. It was founded in 1892 in Washington D.C. APA style is a set of rules developed to assist reading comprehension in Social and Behavioral sciences (Wikipedia). The publication manual of the APA contains the rules for every aspects of writing, especially in the Social sciences from determining authorship to constructing a table to avoiding plagiarism and constructing accurate reference citations (Wikipedia). General Format:

Both MLA and APA have some similarities and distinctions in general formation. In both MLA and APA style use white-11x8.5-inch or letter size paper with 1 inch margin in every side of the page. The paper should be typed in a computer.

General Guidelines for Paper Formation:
MLA Style:
* There should be double space in text of a paper and a legible font like “Times New Roman”. The font size should be 12 pt. * There should be only one space after periods and other punctuation marks. * First line of a paragraph should be indented by half inch (five spaces or press the tab once). * A header should be created where all the page numbers will be consecutively written in the upper right-hand corner. APA Style:

* The essay should be typed on a standard-sized paper (11x8.5 inch) * There should be double space in text of a paper and a legible font like “Times New Roman” or similar font. The font size should be 10-12 pt. * A header should be created where all the page numbers will be consecutively written in the upper right-hand corner and title of the paper in the header flush left. Formation of the First Page:

MLA Style:
* There is no need of an extra title page unless the instructor asks for that. * In the upper left-hand corner of the first page, author’s name, instructor’s name, name of the course, and submission date should be written using double space. *...
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