Comparative Myths

Topics: Religion, Human, Creation myth Pages: 2 (907 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Comparative paragraph

A myth story that is not real but bares a meaningful message within it. Its main purpose is to help humans understand themselves and the way the universe works around them, mainly through the use of heroic characters. Every culture around the world has their own mythical literature, which is influenced by the religion and beliefs of their people and traditions. Likewise every myth has its own unique plot and characters, but mainly they all share the same message and lessons. They also commonly try to explain the creation of earth and existence of humans. Both of the following myths the beginning of things being of Greek origin as well as Heaven and earth and man adversely from Chinese origin, are examples of how the human was created and shaped through the usage of clay material. In the Greek myth the beginning of things, the main character Prometheus who is the Titan of forethought, used clay to make all sorts of shapes and then gave them life. One day while experimenting with this material -he made a human. According to the myth “thousands of years after this occurrence, the Greeks used to show in one of their temples lumps of clay, which they said were leftovers after Prometheus had made the first man . This clay was the colour of mud and smelled like human flesh” (Rouse, pg 4). This reassures the belief that the creation of human kind was accidental rather than intentional, and that humans indeed where created from clay according to Greek mythology. Countless myths deal with the creation of human kind only because this issue is still such a mystery to man and it raises endless questions regarding how mankind came to earth. On the other hand the Chinese culture tries to explain this in the myth Heaven and earth and Man. Here the main character Nu-Kua who is a half dragon goddess one day felt lonely and in order to comfort herself she made humans: “After long thought she stopped and took from the ground a clump of clay. From this...
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