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Michelle Blaise


English 101

30 of March 2013

My Analysis of Mary Shelley's Novel "Frankenstein"

The major themes involved in "Frankenstein" are the process of creation, destruction, re-

creation, and monstrosity. Mary Shelley expresses her themes in a variety of styles throughout

her settings, constructively utilizing similes and metaphors. She begins by referencing the

mythological greek god Prometheus and Lucifer in the subtitle of this novel. It is entitled "The

Modern Prometheus." This is the introduction to one of the main characters, Victor, and his want

to be as Prometheus and Lucifer were. Through Victor’s discoveries he was trying to possess the

mystical powers held by only God Himself, as did Prometheus and Lucifer.

Prometheus, Lucifer, and Victor were thoughtful and good at heart. Prometheus taught

humans the arts of mathematics, agricultural, medicine and science; creating the advancement of

civilizations. He “tricked” Zeus in order to reintroduce fire to humans which, in turn, helped

humanity begin to thrive. Lucifer was originally an angel of God’s. He was created by God to be

glorious and full of graciousness as a chosen servant of God’s people. Similarly, Victor had

plans to promote science and the advancement of life through his desired education at the

university. He would have been surrounded by other people of his similar "statute" and

intellectual level, devoting all his time to scientific research and development had he not been

completely traumatized by his mother's undo passing.

All three of the above mentioned characters were consumed with a desire to recreate

man. Prometheus created man out of clay. Lucifer desired God’s power to resurrect man and

was, consequently, removed from the angelic order, by God, because he could not sustain his

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great want for this divine power. Victor mourned his mother’s death so much that he was

consumed with the desire to recreate life. So, by introducing an electrical current to random

pieced together dead body parts, his discovery had now become a success. Victor recreated

human life, becoming an archetype of Prometheus.

The sacrificing of life is also touched upon in this novel. Prometheus, wanting to attain

supernatural power, established animal sacrifice in the Greek religion; as, Lucifer sacrifices

human souls into his eternal pit of fire to spite Jesus Christ’s gracious gift of everlasting life after

death. Frankenstein was so repulsive, Victor immediately attempted to avoid the monster and try

to forget it’s very existence. Frankenstein, giving into his feelings of destruction, sacrificed

Victor's family members one by one in an attempt to make Victor see things the way he did.

The knowledge and power the characters gained from their discoveries forced them to

become outcasts. After reintroducing fire to the humans Prometheus hid in solitude. He was

alone and terribly regretful he had “tricked” Zeus because all of the gods despised him for his

action. Lucifer, as a result of his uncontrollable desire to gain God’s power, was cast into the

confinements of hell. Although Victor's discovery had proved to be a success, he held

tremendous regret since the monster he created was so hideously ugly. He was ashamed of his

success, also becoming a hermit in society and therefore lived in his own “hell.”

They are all reminders of immortality. Prometheus was eventually bound to a wall to

suffer eternal punishment for his "trickery." As Prometheus was bound to the wall there was an

eagle feasting on his liver daily. Since Prometheus, being a greek god, is immortal his body

regenerated nightly. Lucifer is an immortal; as, he was once an angel in the Heavens with God.

Metaphorically, Victor was trying to create immortality by digging up dead parts and bringing

life back into them. The success...
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