Company Background of Ford

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Company background of FORD
Ford company , the third largest automobile company in this entire world as known as one of the greatest automobile manufacturers of all time. The automaker was founded by Henry Ford , and it was incorporated on June 16, 1903.Alexander Y. Malcomsom , the coal dealer finance another automobile company. Carry on , the partnership , “Ford and Malcomson” was formed and the pair designed a car began ordering parts. However , Malcomson was constrained by his coal business demands , so that Malcomson proposed incorporating Ford and Malcomson to bring in new investors. John S. Gray , the president of the German-American Savings Bank was invited to join the company. At first , Gray was not interested , with the condition of Malcomson promised him that he could withdraw the share anytime , so Gray reluctantly agreed .On the fame of Gray’s name , investors are attracted to invest to the company. The Ford Motor Company was immediately profitable, with profits by October 1903 of almost $37000 . A dividend of 10% was paid that October. As the company keeps growing, two dividends of 100% each in June and July brought the total investor profits to nearly 300% in just over 2 years. Total profit on 1905 has reached $300,000. When Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company , he was only 39 years old. The Ford Company has become one of the largest and profitable automobile companies, as well as being survived in the great depression. As the form of family-controlled companies in the world, the Ford Motor Company has continuously inherited for over 100 years. Back to present, the 21st century ,due to soaring gasoline prices , eroding market share, and over dependence on declining Sport Utility Vehicle sales , Ford Motor Company and GM’s corporate has been downgraded to junk status. To rescue Ford Motor Company from the plight , Ford American Divison President Mark Fields has introduced a plan which call ‘The Way Forward’. "The Way Forward" included...
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