Commutative Properties

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  • Published : January 4, 2011
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Professor and Class:
It is always helpful for me to understand the meaning of a word or set of words, especially in math, before adding a word that may affect the meaning or definition of the main word(s). Commutative property is:  In math, the commutative property addresses only natural numbers. The commutative property also states the order of numbers, when added or multiplied, is not important. 1.  What is the definition of the commutative property of addition?  The commutative property of addition states the order of addends (natural numbers) does not change the sum. 2.            Example 2 a.

                                a + b = c or 2 + 3 = 5                                 and b + a = c or 3 + 2 = 5 3.   Show what you get when you use subtraction instead of addition:                 Example 3 a.

                                a – b does not = c or 2-9 = -7                                 and b – a does not = c  or 9 – 2 = 7 The answer -7 is not a natural number and does not equal the natural number of 7. Therefore, the commutative property does not apply to subtraction. Mnemonic device:  I am bad at creative thinking when it comes to things like mnemonic devices. I have to study the mnemonic device as long as I would have to study what I was attempting to bring into the forefront of my brain! However, I will give it a shot. Using the list of chemical elements I have memorized before:                 H – Hydrogen

                He – Helium
                Li – Lithium
                C – Carbon
                N – Nitrogen
I can begin my list of mnemonic devices for math with:
                CPA – Commutative Property of Addition. Can anyone tell me how to strike through an = sign?  In my original word document, I selected a multiple strike through and it allowed me to use the / over the = sign.  When I copied and pasted the document here, I lost it. Kathleen

Angel, Allen R., Abbott, Christine, Runde, Dennis C. (2009). P. 48-49. A...
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