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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Role of Community Radio

What is Community Radio?

The expression Community Radio has been defined in different ways. It has been called a local radio, people's radio, democratic radio, and so on. Community radio is a form of local radio which defines itself as an autonomous entity – and relies on the community for its survival without any commercial aims or objects. Community radio is confined to a small geographical area. It depends on low power transmission covering not more than 20-30 km. radius. It serves a community which uses common resources for livelihood, has common development issues and concerns, which are relatively localized, nevertheless connected to national and regional development goals. Community radio does not compete with commercial and PSB, rather plays a complementary role. But primarily, community radio is operated by and for the community and owned by the community itself. It is an empowering tool for the community. A nation consisting of empowered communities is more secure as they can make an equitable contribution to nation building.

Concept of Community Radio:-

Communication is a term we are very acquainted with it's a tool of expressing your thoughts to others. If we talk about the role of communication in our lives. Can we ignore its importance? We all know that creativity; Communication and Communities are three major actors that make human being some what distinct from rest of living species. There creative sense give rise to the artistic nature in them, While communication is the power that makes them different from nature's other creations and communities are made to preserve previous both art, language and culture.  Talking about the combination of these three, which can be used for the development of societies and people which are neglected but having a desire to rise? The concept of Community Radio is an example of such model.

In Indian Context: -...
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