Community Architecture

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Dr. Mervat El-Shafie

Dr. Mervat El-Shafie, Assistant Professor of Architecture, is the Chair of the Architecture Department in the College of Engineering, Effat University. Dr El-Shafie received her Ph.D. in Built-Environment from Lincoln University, New Zealand in 1999. Her thesis entitled “Phenomenology of Built-Environment” deals with the interrelationships between people and their land, houses and places and how this is being affected by the processes of Modernization and Globalization. Dr Mervat is a registered architect, Practicing in the field of Architecture and Urban Design more than 30 years, and she has taught Architecture in New Zealand, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia between 1997- 2012. She currently teaches courses in Architecture Design, Landscape Architecture and Research Methods at Effat University. Her research interests include Architecture studies in relation to philosophy, culture and identity; in addition to research on architecture pedagogy and curriculum development.

Dr. Noha Mahmoud

Dr. Noha Mahmoud is an assistant professor of urban and landscape planning studies at Architecture Department, Effat University, Saudi Arabia. She got her PhD and MPhill in Landscape Department at The University of Sheffield, UK in 2011. Dr. Noha thesis entitled “Green Infrastructure in Middle Eastern Environment: promoting social-ecological connectivity in Greater Cairo”. It focuses on large scale landscape changes affecting the arid zones in the Middle Eastern countries, such as those associated with long and blue corridors, connectivity between existing and new settlements and protected zones. Dr. Noha’s research focuses on cultural landscapes – where past, present and future values derive from close associations between people and land by the connectivity through Making The Connectivity by landscape and urban corridors and the Concept of Stepping Stone Action Areas as a way that produces landscapes of ecological and cultural value. Dr. Noha taught different courses in Urban Design and Landscape Planning at Cairo University from 2003 – 2007. She currently teaches courses in Urban Design, Design Studios and Planning for Human Settlements at Effat University, Saudi Arabia.

Arch. Kholoud Moumani

Kholod Moumani is lecturer of architecture and design; she received her B. Arch. and Master in Architecture from Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan in 2000. Her Master thesis entitled “Islamic Cities Urban Planning and Basics from Early Islam Till Abbasid”. It focuses on the complexity of Islamic cities and the richness and range of its theoretical intentions from early Islam till Abbasid. Moumani has worked as an architect both in the private and governmental sectors between 1995-2008. Her professional practice included the design of numerous residential buildings, villas, and other types of buildings. She currently teaches courses in Architectural Design Studios, Housing, Working Drawings, and Saudi Traditional Architecture. Mrs. Moumani has an extensive professional experience to pass to younger architects as well as to reflect this to the architectural students. Hher research interests include: architecture practice, cultural effects on architectural design, environmental Design, Housing & Urban Design.

Arch. Jeni Mihova

Jeni Mihova is a holder of Master of Science degree in Architecture and training as a sculptor. Before her appointment at the Department of Architecture - Effat University, Saudi Arabia, she had been practicing architect in her native Bulgaria(for ten years), and subsequently - a lecturer in Architecture in several universities in New Zealand(for over fifteen years). Her main research interests are in the area of contemporary technologies and how they could be harness as creative tools for visualization of ancient cultural monuments. Jeni had exhibited her artistic works and architectural models internationally on various occasions and published many academic articles. Currently her...
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