Communication in Team Dynamics

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  • Published : November 6, 2006
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Communication in Team Dynamics

University of Phoenix

Communication in Team Dynamics
Teams are becoming a very important aspect in businesses around the world. Since it is so important, understanding team dynamics is crucial in the success of any business. Teams are group of people, usually three or more, which get together and try and solve a problem or complete a task in which everyone on the team is held accountable. The web site for the Professional Practice Curriculum (2006) says to become a team, a group must have: (a) shared responsibility, (b) shared information, (c) unity of purpose, (d) a clearly defined objective, and (e) authority (power). There are many aspects of team dynamics that are important. In any team you will have to deal with team member roles, project planning in teams, conflict resolutions, and team communication, just to name a few. By far it is communication that is the most important ingredient in team dynamics. This paper will talk about the following aspects of team communication: (a) team building, (b) communication type, (c) feedback, (d) getting the message, and (e) media for communications. Communication is the primary aspect of any team and without effective use of it the team is bound to fail. Team Building

The most effective way corporations found to reduce the communication barriers is to set up team building exercises. Most teams do this when they first get together or when there are communication problems. Some teams take personality tests to match personality types with their traits and this will match them with what type of leader they may become. Other teams play certain games and do different exercises to build trust, loosen up, and have a little fun amongst its team members. Still other teams go on elaborate treasure or scavenger hunts that their corporation sends them on to improve communication. Dr Clue Treasure Hunts (2006), a company specializing in clue-based, company...
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