Communication Differences Between Men and Women

Topics: Communication, Marriage, Graphic communication Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: April 17, 2008
“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is a popular book published in 1992 about the difference between men and women and the way they communicate. The author John Gray proposes that men and women are so completely different in their communication style that they might as well be from different planets. In my experience of being married, I could not agree with this statement more. However, even though our communication styles are so different, men and women can learn to adapt these communication styles to work together in harmony. Most miscommunication happens between men and women, because women are much more emotional than men. Men typically mock “girl talk,” but this is when women have a chance to talk to other women about relationships, family, and other personal problems. It’s their chance to receive emotional support and understanding that they may not receive from their spouse. For myself, this came as a shock to me when I discovered that my husband was not as emotional with his feelings as I was; it was almost as if he did not care as much as I did. I believe the problem is that women grow up with other women who share the same emotional feelings as they do, and become accustomed to sharing the same emotional levels. After entering a serious relationship, the woman has to learn that the man is completely different from everything she is used to and try and adapt to the differences.

In my experience, if you can get a man to communicate at all in your relationship, he is usually direct and real. He does not beat around the bush, or sugar coat when you are conversing. If I have something I would like to tell my husband but am not quite sure how to approach it, I usually dance around the subject before actually bringing it into the conversation. However, if my husband has something to say, he’s usually comfortable coming right out and saying it. I appreciate and admire this directness about him, although it can sometimes hurt my feelings. If we both...
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